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How to Take an Onsen

Onsen Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts Dos:       Pay at the Entrance: You can purchase tickets for day use onsens at the entrance. Children under 12 are  usually half the price of adults.YuYu Pippu is ¥600 for adults/¥300 for kids.  If … Read More

Fratello Di Mikuni 

For those of you visiting central Hokkaido, especially the Daisetsuzan area you may be feeling a little left out of fine dining options. However, when you do you fancy something a little more fancy, we highly recommend Fratello Di Mikuni  … Read More

YuYu Pippu Hotspring Kamiskawas Hokkaido

Yu-Yu Pippu Hot-Spring

Yuyu Pippu is a hot-spring Hotel that day trippers are welcome to use for the baths and or the restaurant. I use their baths nearly every day! It’s only 350 meters from Anya Cottage. With all this bathing experience I … Read More

Calmiss Cafe Pippu Hokkaido

Calmiss Cafe

Calmiss Cafe is Calm and according to the owner, blissful. The 2 words, calm + bliss = Calmiss. The cafe is a beautifully restored house across from Pippu Station. Since we already had lunch at Pipu Cafe, we only came … Read More

Pippi Cafe at Pippu Station Hokkaido

Pipi Cafe

Even if you will not be using the train to get to or from Pippu, it’s still worth it to go to Pippu Station to enjoy Pipi Cafe. The newly built and modernized station is brightly lit with it’s large … Read More

Pippu Snow Night Festival

Pippu Night Festival

Pippu Snow Night Festival IV will be held but with some restrictions. Sadly, Very Veggie Food Truck will not be able to offer Hot Soup and Bread but there will be a lottery and fireworks as planned. Come and stay … Read More

Yu-Yu Pippu Cafeteria

Yu-Yu-Pippu Cafeteria

Deep fried squid on rice with nori and sesame served with a bowl of miso soup and pickles on the side for ¥700 is not bad at all and maybe what you have come to expect from Japanese cafeteria food. … Read More

Bus Schedule Asahikwa to /from Pippu Ski Resort

How to get to Pippu Ski Resort from Asahikawa

The easiest way to get to Pippu Ski Resort from Asahikawa is to take the Dohoku Bus from Asahikawa Station direct to Pippu Ski Resort. Between December 1st and March 31st there are 5 departures a day (extra departures represented … Read More

Pippu Pudding

Pippu Pudding

Pippudding is obviously most famous for it’s light, fresh, creamy pudding and it’s not the be missed! But if  you head to their main shop, I highly recommend picking up at least one of their chiffon cakes. It’s the best … Read More

NEED to take out Asahidake BC Tour

Full-service back-country tour with pick and drop off. Mountain guiding by an experienced local guide will ensure you have the best possible day on the spectacular central Hokkaido volcano. Be prepared for cold weather at the peak. We recommend packing … Read More

Backcountry Tours Central Hokkaido

Custom Tour

Custom tour We will support you for a memorable day with the best service like an overseas ski guide. This is a private tour guided by a veteran backcountry guide who has lived in Hokkaido for 20 years. From Anya … Read More

Satoyama BC tour

Satoyama BC tour This is a private tour guided by a backcountry guide. From the transfer to Anya / Asahikawa Airport, the guide will be responsible for selecting spots and routes, so customers can concentrate on having fun. A veteran … Read More

Dohoku Local spot hopping

Local ski-jyo tour

Local ski-jyo tour This is a private tour guided by a backcountry guide. The guide will take care of everything from pick-up and drop-off to ski resort and ski course selection to side country courses, so you can focus on … Read More


Asahidake BC tour

Asahidake BC tour Guide will pick up from Anya or Asahikawa Airport A guide who knows the charm of Mt. Asahidake, the symbol of Northern Hokkaido, at the highest peak in Hokkaido, will guide you to the best spot of … Read More

Pipi Marche and bakery in Pippu, Kamikawa, Hokkaido

Pipi Marche and Bakery

Pipi Marche has 2 locations in Pippu Town. One is mainly a bakery offering freshly baked breads and sweet pastries. You can take out or if you choose to eat in you can have coffee served along with sweet selection. … Read More

Boulangerie Mawarimichi

Boulangeria Mawarimichi

Although many people visit Hokkaido for it’s abundance of quality snow in winter, others  make their way north for the abundance of quality food. As expected, cities like Sapporo and Asahikawa are jam packed with gastronomical options, but you can … Read More

Kawabata Ichiba Market in Pippu Hokkaido

Kawabata Ichiba Market

Kawabata Ichiba is a very popular market with tons of vegetables, some very local, some from other parts of Japan like Miyazaki lemons, and some fruit such as bananas and pineapples from even more tropical regions. The day I went … Read More

Strawberry Cake shop in Pippu

Strawberry & Kaori & Pattiserie

If you are craving something sweet check out this lovely cake shop in Pippu Town. It’s right next to the market so if you are picking up a few things to make for dinner, pop in next door to Strawberry … Read More

Hot air balooning in Hokkaido

Hot Air Baloon Rides in Pippu

Pippu Ski Resort is not just about taking lifts up and zigzagging your way down the moutain. You can also get pulled around and around by snowmobiles while bouncing around in a rubber raft or even choose to float up … Read More

Susanta Kitchen Sri Lankan curry in Asahikawa

Susanta Kitchen

I have been to Sri Lanka and while there I probably ate curry at least once a day for 3 weeks but Susanta Kitchen in Asahikawa is still my favorite Sri Lankan curry shop.  I loooooove this place and I’m … Read More