Calmiss Cafe

Calmiss Cafe Pippu Hokkaido

Calmiss Cafe is Calm and according to the owner, blissful. The 2 words, calm + bliss = Calmiss. The cafe is a beautifully restored house across from Pippu Station. Since we already had lunch at Pipu Cafe, we only came for dessert and drinks. Calmiss has a great selections of  Home-made sweet treats and specialty drinks. I chose from 3 types of Hokkaido grown organic herbal tea while Yasu had a hot masala chai. We shared 2 types of cheese-cake, hascap and pumpkin. If it was a little warmer I would have loved to try their home-made ice-cream with honey nuts or olive oil and balsamico dressing.
We have enjoyed lunch at  Calmiss Cafe some time ago, they served a veggie daikon curry, with sprouted brown rice, or kosogenmai in Japanese. I looooove this kind of rice, it’s chewy and flavorful and has black or brown beans mixed in (the rice needs sugars from the beans to ferment). I have tried making kosogenmai a few times at home with no luck so whenever I see it on he menu that’s the one to get!  The daikon curry was also fresh and tasty! The curry is vegetarian but when the curry is not on the menu there are no vegetarian lunch options available (their tofu burger has chicken in it) but if you don’t have any diet restrictions you should be able to enjoy Calmiss anytime! I highly recommend it, for lunch or for tea time.

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