Pipi Marche and Bakery

Pipi Marche and bakery in Pippu, Kamikawa, Hokkaido

Pipi Marche has 2 locations in Pippu Town. One is mainly a bakery offering freshly baked breads and sweet pastries. You can take out or if you choose to eat in you can have coffee served along with sweet selection. The Pippu Marche bakery is one of many government assisted initiatives where intellectually-challenged people are employed to bake sweets. Jobs provide a sense of purpose, community,  and increases independence for everyone. We hope you will support the program and it’s workers by shopping at Pippu Marche. Other than freshly baked goods they sell a number of small batch and locally produced products like rice, dressings, jam, honey,  rice oil and more. Today I had a cinnamon roll. The topped walnuts were of noticeably high quality.

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