Yu-Yu-Pippu Cafeteria

Yu-Yu Pippu Cafeteria

Deep fried squid on rice with nori and sesame served with a bowl of miso soup and pickles on the side for ¥700 is not bad at all and maybe what you have come to expect from Japanese cafeteria food. However, the taste will surprise you! The Yu-yu Pippu Hotel Cafeteria is run by a local restaurant and therefore everything is freshly made. I even love their fries which come standard with ketchup but they are always happy to add a dollop of mayo as well. You can also choose ramen, curry, soba, and udon. If you are coming from the onsen you might be interested in a draft beer or a soft-serve ice-cream instead. Beware though, last order is 9 pm while the onsen closes at 10. They have added some take-out to their menu as well so if you are staying at Anya you can even choose to bring your meal back to the house with you and if you’ve run out of beer they sell canned beer in the vending machines. We recommend the Hokkaido only, Sapporo Classic of course!

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