Pipi Cafe

Pippi Cafe at Pippu Station Hokkaido

Even if you will not be using the train to get to or from Pippu, it’s still worth it to go to Pippu Station to enjoy Pipi Cafe. The newly built and modernized station is brightly lit with it’s large windows overlooking the rice paddies that make up much of Pippu Town. You can really appreciate the view as you enjoy lunch at their tasty cafe. The day we went we had pizza topped with plenty of Hokkaido cheese. Just like their sister location, Pipi Marche, they also serve baked goods to take-out or eat-in. They have a good selection of drinks and while I was their a little mom was getting help from his mom with a serve yourself soft-cream machine. I really wanted to try to but had already planned to eat dessert at Calmiss Cafe across the street.

The cafe also has a market area where they sell fresh and locally made goods such as Yumepirika and Nanatsuboshi Rice, tomato, carrot, shiso and seaberry juice, sauces, dressings and more. Local goods made with quality materials make excellent souvenirs.

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