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Custom tour

We will support you for a memorable day with the best service like an overseas ski guide. This is a private tour guided by a veteran backcountry guide who has lived in Hokkaido for 20 years.

From Anya and Asahikawa Airport transfers, local ski resorts, side countries, satoyama backcountry to full-scale backcountry, you can ski the high-quality snow in Northern Hokkaido according to your situation and taste, soothe your tiredness with warm hot springs, and enjoy delicious food. End the day with a meal. We will respond to any request from the start to the end of the tour and propose the best travel experience with full support for a whole day.

Like an overseas ski guide, it will be a tour where you can fully enjoy the fun of Northern Hokkaido with a sense of intimacy and safe and secure guidance that celebrates your holiday together.

We can hold everything according to your preference, such as the start time of the tour, the pick-up location, etc.

8:00 The guide will pick you up by car and leave for the tour!

8:15 To Michi-san, a delicious bakery in Toma Town. I bought croissants and cheese sandwiches for breakfast and snacks. Travel through the laid-back scenery of Northern Hokkaido while eating bread with coffee.

9:00 Lightly break in at the local ski resort. You will get used to the feel of snow that is unique to Northern Hokkaido. Start your day with the most pleasant turn at God Burn, which is born from beautiful compressed snow and high-quality snow.

11:00 When your body gets warm and you get used to the snow, round up and go to an early lunch. Higashikawa, a fashionable town in Hokkaido, has a wide selection of lunch options.

12:30 As the weather is getting better, we will head to Asahidake, the symbol of this area! Equipped with backcountry gear to raise the altitude on the ropeway. A guide who knows Mt. Asahidake will guide you through areas with good snow and few hikes! Keep your pace with coupon tickets without rattling, and enjoy Asahidake powder slowly with a break.

15:20 Board the last flight of the ropeway. There is no group that has been skating since the beginning of the morning, and the atmosphere is laid-back like riding a local train. After getting off the ropeway, enjoy a premium time with hot drinks and alcohol while watching the sun slowly dye the sunset color in the magnificent view of the ophthalmology. Glide safely down the mountain in a special feeling that makes Asahidake, where no one is left, all to yourself.

17:00 Warm your cold body at Asahidake Onsen. Beginning with a delicious breakfast in the morning, perfect grooming at the local ski slopes, a fun lunch at a fashionable cafe, a relaxing Asahidake powder and an inspiring sunset.

18:00 Slowly soak in good hot water to warm your body and enjoy delicious rice! Let’s go to the town of Asahikawa where you can find delicious sushi, Genghis Khan and ramen!

22:00 After enjoying food and drink, drive back to Anya by the guide’s car, and the tour ends here. The ski resort, which is closed for night games, has calmed down, and the stars are shining in the sky. The occasional fox bark accentuates the tranquility, and you feel calm and fall asleep in a fluffy bed.

When you wake up the next morning, Pippu Ski Resort will slide in front of you, the last one in Northern Hokkaido before check-out. While riding the slowly rising lift, look at Daisetsuzan, look back on the fulfilling trip to Northern Hokkaido, and with the feeling of gratitude and wishing for a revisit, draw your own line to the finest Pisten and conclude the trip.

A trip to enjoy Northern Hokkaido will be a memorable memory for our customers.

Of course, the above process is just an example, and we are waiting for you with other wonderful spots, shops, and experiences that cannot be introduced here.

* We will suppress the guide schedule after booking the package plan. If the guide cannot be secured, a full refund will be given.

* We will consult with the customer to finalize the process according to the weather and conditions.

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