Boulangeria Mawarimichi

Boulangerie Mawarimichi

Although many people visit Hokkaido for it’s abundance of quality snow in winter, others  make their way north for the abundance of quality food. As expected, cities like Sapporo and Asahikawa are jam packed with gastronomical options, but you can also find incredible culinary delights in small towns, or even spread out among farmer’s fields. Boulangarie Mawarimichi in Toma (population 6000) is a tiny bakery with impressive selection of artisan bread. I can not recommend it enough.Their croissants and pan au chocolat have the flakiest crust. Just try and count those layers! They offer a simple sandwich of cheese on French bread. The Hokkaido cheese they serve is the only Japanese cheese I get excited about. Go early because their wide selection of bread and pastries dwindle quickly.

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