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Custom Tour

Custom tour We will support you for a memorable day with the best service like an overseas ski guide. This is a private tour guided by a veteran backcountry guide who has lived in Hokkaido for 20 years. From Anya … Read More

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Satoyama BC tour

Satoyama BC tour This is a private tour guided by a backcountry guide. From the transfer to Anya / Asahikawa Airport, the guide will be responsible for selecting spots and routes, so customers can concentrate on having fun. A veteran … Read More

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Dohoku Local spot hopping

Local ski-jyo tour

Local ski-jyo tour This is a private tour guided by a backcountry guide. The guide will take care of everything from pick-up and drop-off to ski resort and ski course selection to side country courses, so you can focus on … Read More

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Asahidake BC tour

Asahidake BC tour Guide will pick up from Anya or Asahikawa Airport A guide who knows the charm of Mt. Asahidake, the symbol of Northern Hokkaido, at the highest peak in Hokkaido, will guide you to the best spot of … Read More

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Asahidake Hokkaido


Asahidake is famous for it’s back-country and off-piste areas. A powder paradise for expert skiers and snowboarders. However, if the weather is good I would not dissuade lower level and intermediate skiers and snowboarders to check it out. If you … Read More

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Pippu Ski Field

Pippu Ski Field is mostly a family resorts but has some unexpected surprises. Compared to other local resorts in the area, there are more runs, has steeper train, and updated facilities. There are 9 lifts but no gondolas so on … Read More

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