Satoyama BC tour

Satoyama BC tour

This is a private tour guided by a backcountry guide. From the transfer to Anya / Asahikawa Airport, the guide will be responsible for selecting spots and routes, so customers can concentrate on having fun.

A veteran guide who has lived in Hokkaido for 20 years will guide you to the best spots of the day according to the weather and conditions.

The charm of Satoyama in Northern Hokkaido is the powder snow that is piled up in a quiet mountain and stored frozen. It has a different charm from the backcountry in big mountains such as Asahidake and Kurodake.

If you slowly climb the satoyama, which has few elevation differences and steep slopes, at your own pace, the hike is also wonderful, and you can refresh your mind and body by breathing in the fresh air and being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Gliding where you can enjoy the finest powder snow is hard to experience in other areas.

In order to fully enjoy the charm of Satoyama, we will spend time slowly and guide you to enjoy it safely, safely and comfortably.

Tour start times, pick-up locations, etc. can all be held to your liking.

* We will suppress the guide schedule after booking the package plan. If the guide cannot be secured, a full refund will be given.

* If the event is not held immediately before due to weather or conditions, it is possible to change to a local ski resort tour.

* Accident insurance is included, but it is recommended that you purchase it yourself.

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