Pippu Night Festival

Pippu Snow Night Festival

Pippu Snow Night Festival IV will be held but with some restrictions. Sadly, Very Veggie Food Truck will not be able to offer Hot Soup and Bread but there will be a lottery and fireworks as planned. Come and stay at Anya in Pippu to enjoy all the festivities as well as the snow. To add to the festivities we will display ice candles in front of the cottage for the guests to enjoy.

If you are coming to stay, we recommend staying to nights, or at least arrive earl on Satuday, enjoy the day skiing and snowboarding before checking in. After check-in, get settled, walk to YuYu Pippu to enjoy the sauna and hot baths, have dinner at the hotel or at home, have a few drinks and check out the fire-works, have a few more drinks in the cozy cottage, wake up late and make it for fresh groomers with the first lift at 9! The perfect way to spend the weekend with family or friends. Book now or contact us for questions and concerns.

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