Pippu Ski Field

Pippu Ski Field is mostly a family resorts but has some unexpected surprises. Compared to other local resorts in the area, there are more runs, has steeper train, and updated facilities. There are 9 lifts but no gondolas so on windy days when some of the bigger resorts in the area are closed due to weather conditions, you can still have fun in Pippu. The ¥3000 day pass includes a ticket to the spa at Yu-Yu Pippu Hotel. There are also 3 hour and 5 hour passes available, some include lunch at the main cafeteria. Pippu has ski and snowboard rentals, as well as a ski and snowboard school. Pippu also has night skiing, however only 1 lift remains open after 5 pm. The restaurant stays open in the evening and since the lifts are right accross from Anya in Pippu it’s great fun to have a few runs at night before or after dinner.

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