Asahidake Hokkaido

Asahidake is famous for it’s back-country and off-piste areas. A powder paradise for expert skiers and snowboarders. However, if the weather is good I would not dissuade lower level and intermediate skiers and snowboarders to check it out. If you are riding the piste there is only one way down. The groomed area is narrow, however the views from the top are amazing as is the view on the top, Asahidake is smoking volcano. If the weather news predicts a blue bird, which by the way is rare, I recommend you check it out. If it’s windy the rope way that departs every 20 minutes, will be shut down. If it’s cloudy or foggy and you won’t get the views that Asahidake is famous for then conditions could still be great for high level and backcountry skiers and snowboarders but not worth the effort for beginners or families. We’ve been there for just for the last run at sunset and it was totally breath-taking and totally worth it.


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