Yu-Yu Pippu Hot-Spring

YuYu Pippu Hotspring Kamiskawas Hokkaido

Yuyu Pippu is a hot-spring Hotel that day trippers are welcome to use for the baths and or the restaurant. I use their baths nearly every day! It’s only 350 meters from Anya Cottage. With all this bathing experience I have learned to love the cold bath as much as the hot ones! I have to admit it’s not easy but well worth the goose-bumps!  I have full routine now that includes most of the baths: big bath, lying bath, Jacuzzi, herbal bath, power shower, extra hot bath, cold water bath, sauna, and the outdoor bath. Shampoo and body-soap is provided but I always bring my own assortment of toiletries. There are hairdryers and a massage chair in the changing area. If you finish your bathing routine by 9pm you can also enjoy an soft serve from the cafeteria. The hotel also provides a washing machine and dryer so you can clean your clothes and you was your body.  The bathing facilities are open from 10 am until 10 pm and costs a mere ¥500. If you plan to ski at ぴっぷスキー場 a day ticket includes a ticket to Yu-Yu Pippu Spa. The ¥1000 night skiing ticket also includes a hot-spring ticket. If you will be staying at Anya Cottage, tickets to the hot-spring will be included in your stay as there are no bathing facilities at the cottage at the moment.