Fratello Di Mikuni 

For those of you visiting central Hokkaido, especially the Daisetsuzan area you may be feeling a little left out of fine dining options. However, when you do you fancy something a little more fancy, we highly recommend Fratello Di Mikuni  in Kamikawa.  Make the trip on a sunny day and the view alone is a good reason to visit but we are certain you will be overjoyed with their 5 course gastronomical delights. Mikumi is listed as Italian but with a French influence that genuinely celebrates Hokkaido’s high quality seafood, poultry and incredible vegetables. The menu uses the freshest ingredients and therefore changes with the seasons. Reservations are absolutely required, I think they ask for minimum 2 day advanced booking. When we called ahead we mention that 1 of us is pescetarian, so no meat but fish was fine, they responded by asking if dairy was ok, which it was and they kindly agreed to make the required substitutions. Summers tend to get really busy at Mikumi, but when we visited in early December we were their only diners. The service was attentive, presentation delightful, and their Taisetsu 4 Season lunch Course, very reasonably priced at ¥4400 a person.  The Mother Earth course has one extra plate for an extra ¥2200. They have a fair selection of wine but if you need to abstain from alcohol I highly recommend having one of their fine juices instead. We had Hokkaido grape and Hokkaido haskap juice.
Mikumi is about a 30 to 40 minute drive from Anya in Pippu, on a snowy day it could take longer but we suggest you check the weather forecast before you book, choose a sunny day because the panoramic views of Daisetsuzan from the dining room should not be missed!